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Industry Applications

Explore our eMobility solutions for your industry application 

Find the right combination of proven eMobility fasteners and cable management solutions to meet your industry application needs – whether it’s getting power to the motor, protecting against ingress and heat dissipation, providing streamlined electrical conductivity, or ensuring a high-quality and reliable EV charging experience.

EV and Charging

Gain a competitive edge in eMobility  

Optimize application performance, better determine safety and compliance, and explore opportunities for innovation with PennEngineering’s value added services.

Gain Competitive Edge

Application Engineering

  • Application Review
  • Custom Design/Product Development
  • Customer Drawings
  • Catalog Samples
  • 3D Models
  • Prototype Development Center

PEMedge® Testing Services

  • FEA Analysis
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Tensile and Compression Strength
  • Micro Hardness
  • Fastener Joint Cross-Sectioning
  • Corrosion and Plating Testing

Teardown Service

  • Complete Product Disassembly
  • Assembly Structure Assessment
  • Identify Alternative Fastening Solutions
  • Alternative Fastener Replacement/Testing
  • Teardown Report
  • Identify Efficiencies/ Implementation Plan


  • Free Customized Training Sessions from Global Experts
  • Live, Web-based, and Pre-recorded Training Options Available
Standard Classes Include:
  • Theory, Best Practices, Application Exploration
  • Intro to Self Clinch Theory
  • Proper Fasteners for Stainless Steel Panels